Land, Water & Wildlife Program

Flat Top Ranch Conservation Easement Looking into High Five (PDF)The Land, Water and Wildlife Program (LWWP) is made possible by the citizens of Blaine County, who approved a two-year levy that raised over $3.3 million through a portion of property taxes. These funds are helping to protect some of the County’s natural resources, and as of spring 2021 the LWWP has protected 3,098 acres under 8 easements.

The Land, Water and Wildlife Program requires a Levy Advisory Board (LAB), comprised of volunteer Blaine County residents. The LAB’s primary responsibility is to give its opinion as to the highest and best use of LWWP funds to achieve optimal conservation and public benefit. The Levy Advisory Board is committed to creating a model program and an effective, efficient process in order to achieve the results voters expect and to provide the maximum public benefit with the funds available. 

Program Highlights 

  • Participation by Program applicants is voluntary. 
  • Partnerships are welcomed. 
  • Acquisition projects (e.g., conservation easements or acquisition of a water rights), restoration and other non-acquisition projects, and transferable development rights projects are eligible.
  • Commitment to maximizing public benefits through matching funds. 
  • Lasting conservation value sought.

Primary Conservation Goals (from BCC Resolution 2008-71) 

  • Preserve working farms and ranches, agricultural lands, natural areas and important open spaces. 
  • Protect water quality, rivers and streams, riparian corridors, flood plains, wetlands and water rights. 
  • Protect and preserve wildlife, habitat, and transit and migration corridors. 
  • Preserve or enhance trail corridors. 
  • Provide public access to water bodies in the Big and Little Wood River watersheds. 
  • Transfer development rights from Sending Areas to Receiving Areas. 
  • Support public/private partnerships. 
  • Conserve, restore, or maintain and otherwise provide for proper stewardship of lands and waters.

A map of completed projects can be seen by clicking here. 

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