Building Management

View the buildings managed by the Facilities Department.

Current & Future Projects

  • Construction of multiple office spaces to accommodate department growth. 
  • Instillation of an ADA bathroom on the third floor of the Old Courthouse Building. 

Recent Projects

  • Instillation of Fairground sprinkler system.
  • Construction of the McBride ADU building located behind the U of I extension office. This is a mixed use building to provide employee housing and storage. 
  • Remodel of the Probation Building to include an additional restroom, separate waiting areas, and a space for secured file storage. 
  • Construction of 3 new offices for the Land Use and Building Services Department in the Blaine County Annex building.
  • Remodel of the Emergency Communications Office

  • Instillation of an electric car charging station behind the Blaine County Annex Building

  • Remodel of the first floor of the Old Courthouse. This created space for a Public Defenders office and a meeting room, kitchen, and reception area was added.
  • Built additional office for the Prosecuting Attorneys office.
  • Instillation of a nitrogen system for the fire sprinklers in the Annex building to prevent pipe corrosion and prolong the life of the sprinkler system.
  • Update of the District and Magistrate Court Rooms.
  • Instillation of a sand and salt shelter at the Road & Bridge location on Glendale Road to eliminate contamination and keep the product dry in winter months.
  • Judicial Building Remodel
  • Worked with Higher Ground on the veterans tribute on the corner of the Old Courthouse lot. 
  • Public Safety Facility (PSF) - Installed a new fence around the facility.
  • Instillation of Annex building ADA automatic door openers