Levy Advisory Board Members

Program director is Wendy Pabich. Please send any questions to Wendy directly at wendy@waterfuturesinc.com. 

Current Members

Lili Simpson

Former member of the Blaine County Planning and Zoning Commission, consultant for the BLM helping to organize public focus groups for the Travel and Recreation Plan, GPS expert and an avid conservationist.

Jim Phillips

Local attorney since 1973, has extensive experience reviewing projects with ecological resources, public access and open space. Jim was previously City Attorney for municipalities here. He is involved in local issues and enjoys many recreational activities.

Abby Rivin 

An associate planner and the floodplain administrator for the City of Sun Valley. During an internship for the Mono Lake Committee in California, Abby “witnessed the necessity of achieving a balance between the imperatives of modern life and the conservation of a unique ecosystem and saw what was possible.”

Rob Santa 

Was the owner/operator of Sturtevant’s for 30 years. He is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast and currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Idaho Fish & Wildlife Foundation.

Kristy Pigeon

The founder of the valley’s non-profit therapeutic riding program, now called Swiftsure Ranch. With an educational background in wildlife biology, her focus for the past 20 years has been on constructing wetland and upland wildlife restoration projects and developing a sustainable ranching operation. She is an avid bird hunter and outdoors woman.

Former Members 

Alan Reynolds, Former Blaine County planner and County Commissioner and a real estate broker in Blaine County. Alan is an avid recreational user and has extensive knowledge of land issues and land values.

Kurt Eggers, A practicing landscape architecture for over 25 years and is currently president of Eggers Associates. Mr. Eggers has completed many public and private projects. The wide-open spaces and access to wild lands are one of the major reasons he and his family choose to live here. Kurt previously served on the Board of the Sawtooth Botanical Garden.

Denise Ford, A licensed landscape architect and a master gardener, having established Altitude Landscape Architecture and Land Planning, LLC from 2000 to 2015. Ms. Ford worked for the Sawtooth National Recreation Area of the U.S. Forest Service as a landscape architect and member of the Plan Revision Team, and as assistant to the Blaine County Commissioners. In 2018, she volunteers on the Blaine County Soil Conservation Service, Blaine County Historical Society and is Vice-President of the Wood River Middle School Parents Association.

Mary Austin Crofts, former Executive Director of the Blaine County Recreation District where she served the public for 20 years and is credited with helping to create the Wood River Trail System, public access easements and numerous recreational amenities in the County.

Time spent on the Land Advisory Board – 2009 to 2012.

Trent Jones, a partner with Hall and Hall Ranch Brokers and former employee of The Nature Conservancy where he specialized in conservation real estate transactions. Trent is a board member of the Wood River Land Trust and a former Hailey planning and zoning commissioner.

Time spent on the Land Advisory Board – 2009 to 2012.

Trent Stumph, of Sawtooth Environmental consulting with over 17 years experience working in environmental conservation, riparian/wetland restoration, erosion control and habitat enhancement projects.

Time spent on the Land Advisory Board – 2009 to 2014.

Barb Acker has worked with the Hailey Parks and Lands Board, the Wood River Land Trust, Blaine County’s 2025 plan and numerous other conservation groups in Blaine County.  Barb is an Orthodontic Technician for Payne and Howell Orthodontics.

Time spent on the Land Advisory Board – 2009 -2014

Wendy Pabich, President of Water Futures, Inc. a company providing technical and policy consulting services related to water, wastewater and waste-to-energy issues.  Wendy received her PhD in Environmental Engineering from MIT. She has served the LAB till 2015.

Time spent on the Land Advisory Board 2009-2015.

Will Miller has 30 years’ experience consulting on land development and conservation matters.  He currently provides environmental planning and regulatory compliance services for large land development and conservation projects.  He also co-founded the Environmental New Network.

Time spent on the Land Advisory Board 2013– 2016.

Tom Page, a resident of Hailey, has worked on land conservation, water quality, river recreation, access planning for a land trust in Eagle County, Colorado and for the Eagle River Watershed Council.  Tom is currently a Board member of the Idaho Conservation League and member of numerous local conservation organizations.

Time spent on the Land Advisory Board 2009 – 2015.

Ben Sinnamon is a Hailey resident and an attorney whose practice includes transactional, environmental and land-use matters. He is the Secretary of the Board of the Friends of the Sawtooth Avalanche Center Board and an active outdoor recreationalist.

Time Spent on the Land Advisory Board 2009 – 2016.

Allison Marks has worked locally in land conservation and environmental education for the past twelve years at the Wood River Land Trust, Sawtooth Botanical Garden, and the Environmental Resource Center. She is a certified wetland delineator and has formal education in regional planning.

Time spent on the Land Advisory Board 2015 - 2017.

Bruce Collier is a long-time resident of Blaine County and self-employed lawyer whose practice includes land use matters in the private and public sectors.  Bruce is an outdoors enthusiast with strong interest in natural resources.

Time spent on the Land Advisory Board 2013 - 2018