Restricted Driving Permit

If your driving privileges have been suspended as part of your criminal case, then you may qualify for a restricted permit from the court. Information regarding your suspended driving privileges will be listed on your Judgment. 

Detailed information is provided regarding: number of days suspended and the date the suspension begins; whether no driving privileges are permitted; if a restricted permit is authorized at the discretion of the probation officer (if otherwise valid); and the number of days of the suspension that have been suspended.


If you are eligible for a restricted permit, then you will need to provide the Blaine County Probation Department with the following information as soon as possible after sentencing:

•    Proof of Insurance

•    Verification of Employment, either through an Employment Verification Sheet or some other source of information. This verification will provide specific information about the dates and times needed for driving privileges related to your employment.

The Blaine County Probation Department will contact the Idaho Department of Motor Vehicles to confirm that there are no other driving restrictions that would prevent the Blaine County Court from issuing a restricted permit.


After reviewing all the required information, the Blaine County Probation Department will submit a proposed restricted permit to a Magistrate Judge for signature. The restricted permit will be sent to you after it is signed and issued unless other arrangements are made with the Blaine County Probation Department. It is difficult to give specific information on how long the process will take, but every effort is made to get restricted permits issued as soon as possible.


Please be aware that you must have your restricted permit with you at all times when driving. Additionally, you may only drive under the conditions that are listed on the restricted permit. These conditions may include: 

•    Community service

•    Court ordered treatment

•    Emergencies

•    Medical appointments

•    Support groups

•    Work

Please note that the expiration of your suspension does not reinstate your driver’s license. You must make application to:

Idaho Transportation Department

Driver’s Services Section

P.O. Box 34

Boise, ID 83731-0034

Phone: 208-334-8736