What are e-notices and how do I sign up?

What are e-notices?

E-notices are electronic notices received via email instead of by mail

Things to know before signing up

  • You may only receive either e-notices or paper statements, not both
  • E-notices may take up to one billing cycle to go into effect
  • The first time you sign up, you will get a paper and an emailed statement. This is one time only

How to sign up

  1. You will need to get your authorization code that is located on the top of your latest property tax bill. If you do not have yours, you can contact the Treasurer’s office
  2. Once you have your authorization code, go to the e-notice website: https://enoticesonline.com/ 
  3. Click on "Create New Account", located on the upper right hand corner of the page
  4. Fill out the form and continue to follow the directions

If you have problems receiving the email when setting up your e-notice account, make sure to check your junk mail. If you find the e-notice email went into your junk folder, be sure to mark it as "not junk" so you will receive any future e-notices to your inbox

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